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Triangle Box Braids

As a natural, protective styles have always allowed me to express my personality through my hair. I love experimenting with different looks, whether it’s the carefree vibes of faux locs, the versatility of cornrows, or a modern twist on two-strand twists. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with triangle box braids, a trendy and artistic update … Read more

Bohemian Box Braids Are Back

Bohemian box braids are back, and they are the perfect protective style for spring! I’ve noticed a rising interest in the style by searching for terms like ‘boho braids’ or ‘goddess braids’ on TikTok, especially as warmer weather approaches. This trendy look combines box braid extensions with loose or wavy hair strands coming out of … Read more

Knot Box Braids

Knotless box braids have gained popularity as a painless and tension-free alternative to traditional box braids. Unlike regular box braids that require a knot to be formed at the base, knotless braids start with the natural hair itself. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating knotless box braids: Start with Clean Hair: Before installing any … Read more