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Triangle Box Braids

As a natural, protective styles have always allowed me to express my personality through my hair. I love experimenting with different looks, whether it’s the carefree vibes of faux locs, the versatility of cornrows, or a modern twist on two-strand twists. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with triangle box braids, a trendy and artistic update to the classic ’90s hairstyle that has regained popularity.

What sets triangle box braids apart is the unique way the hair is partitioned. Instead of using rectangular or square-shaped parts, these braids feature angled sections, creating a stunning geometric pattern that adds a fresh and decorative touch.

This summer, it’s all about remixing the classics when it comes to protective styles. If you’re looking to spice up your look, triangle box braids are the perfect choice. They offer a subtle yet captivating design that appeals to both minimalist and adventurous individuals. Allow me to share some of my favorite triangle box braid styles to try out this season.

  1. Half-Up, Half-Down Bun: This classic hairstyle is an excellent option for showcasing the delicate triangle parts. To give it a summery vibe, I recommend leaving two face-framing braids out and adorning them with decorative wire.
  2. Blonde Boho Braids: One of the advantages of protective styles is the ability to experiment with hair colors without the commitment. Try a bold blonde approach that combines the triangle trend with floaty boho braids for a captivating look.
  3. Mini Triangle Braids: While installing mini braids can be time-consuming, the precision of the angled sections in this knotless style is truly worth the wait. The result is a fresh and cool update to the traditional mini braids.
  4. Jumbo Triangle Braids: Jumbo knotted braids are perfect for showcasing the artistic nature of triangle box braids. These larger sections keep the hair away from your face, making it ideal for hot summer days. Moreover, it requires less time at the salon and a shorter take-down period, allowing for an easy transition to a new style.
  5. Colorful Ombré: Creativity plays a significant role in making each protective style unique. If you already have colored hair, I suggest braiding in traditional shades to create an ombré effect. Alternatively, you can use colorful extensions to achieve the same effect on naturally dark hair.
  6. Top Bun: The elegance and edginess of a classic top bun can be enhanced with jumbo-sized angular parts. Despite the length, these large plaits are lightweight and provide protection for the delicate crown area.
  7. Geometric Knotless: If you’re a fan of knotless braids, why not give them an upgrade with a geometric pattern? Whether you prefer long or short braids, the sharp triangle parts are guaranteed to turn heads and make a statement.
  8. Mix & Match: Don’t feel limited to just one style. Embrace your creativity and opt for a blended look that incorporates different elements of various braids. Combine tiny angle-shaped parts, stitch braids, and boho tendrils to create a truly unique and personalized hairstyle.
  9. Deep Side Part: Add a touch of allure to your jumbo braids with a deep side part. Let the curls flow freely at the ends and frame your face by styling your baby hairs.
  10. Triangle Butterfly Locs: Triangle parts are not exclusive to braids. You can incorporate the angled partitions into any sectioned protective style, such as butterfly locs, soft locs, or jumbo twists, to create a cool and patterned look.

Triangle box braids have become my go-to style, and I can’t wait to continue experimenting with different variations. They allow me to embrace my individuality while maintaining the health and protection of my natural hair. Whether you prefer a simple or bold look, there’s a triangle box braid style for everyone. So, go ahead and try out this amazing trend and let your creativity soar!