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The Ultimate Guide to Box Braids: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

With their distinctive square-shaped parts, box braids have captured the hearts of countless individuals, including mine. So, if you’re anything like me and always on the lookout for adorable box braids hairstyles, I’ve curated a collection of 116 stunning options that are bound to steal your heart in 2023.

Regular Box Braids

Classic and versatile, regular box braids are small, neat, and uniform braids created by dividing the hair into equal sections and intertwining synthetic or natural hair extensions. They can be styled in various ways, offering a timeless look for any occasion.

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids are larger and chunkier versions of regular box braids. They provide a bold and dramatic look while still offering the protective benefits of braided hairstyles. Jumbo box braids are quicker to install and create a striking visual impact.

Micro Box Braids

Micro box braids involve creating ultra-thin, delicate braids. These tiny braids require meticulous attention to detail during installation and provide a sleek and intricate look. Micro box braids are often favored for their ability to create a more intricate and intricate hairstyle.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are created by twisting two strands of hair together from the root to the ends. These twists are typically smaller in size and offer a polished and elegant appearance. Senegalese twists can be worn down or styled into updos or ponytails.

Marley Twists

Marley twists are similar to Senegalese twists but are typically thicker and have a more textured appearance. They are created using Marley hair extensions, which mimic the texture of natural Afro hair. Marley twists provide a trendy and voluminous look.

Havana Twists

Havana twists are chunky twists created with Havana hair extensions. These twists have a slightly looser and more voluminous texture compared to other twist styles. Havana twists offer a unique and eye-catching hairstyle that can be customized to various lengths and sizes.

Yarn Braids

Yarn braids involve using colorful yarn instead of traditional hair extensions. The yarn is braided into the hair to create long-lasting and vibrant braided styles. Yarn braids offer a playful and creative look, allowing for a wide range of color combinations.

Faux Locs

Faux locs replicate the appearance of traditional dreadlocks without the commitment. They are created by wrapping synthetic or natural hair around the natural hair to mimic the look of matured locs. Faux locs provide a trendy and bohemian-inspired hairstyle.

Goddess Box Braids

Goddess box braids are a variation of regular box braids with a touch of elegance. They often incorporate accessories, beads, or hair jewelry to enhance the overall look. Goddess box braids offer a regal and glamorous hairstyle.

Cornrow Box Braids

Cornrow box braids combine elements of cornrows and box braids. The hair is braided into small, tight cornrows at the roots and then transitions into box braids along the length. This style offers a unique blend of patterns and textures.

Bob Box Braids

Bob box braids are shorter box braids that are typically cut to chin-length or above. This style adds a modern and chic twist to traditional box braids, framing the face and offering a stylish and low-maintenance option.

Ombre Box Braids

Ombre box braids feature a gradient effect, where the hair transitions from one color to another. This style allows for creativity in choosing contrasting or complementary colors, adding visual interest and dimension to the braids.

Triangle Box Braids

Triangle box braids involve sectioning the hair into triangular shapes before braiding. This technique creates a geometric pattern, giving a unique and trendy look to the braided hairstyle.

Poetic Justice Braids

Poetic Justice braids are long box braids inspired by the iconic hairstyle worn by Janet Jackson in the movie “Poetic Justice.” These braids are waist-length or longer, providing a bold and glamorous look.

Box Braid Updo

Box braid updos involve styling regular box braids into an updo or bun. This versatile hairstyle allows for creativity in creating intricate and elegant updo styles, perfect for formal events or when you want to keep your hair off your neck.

Box Braid Ponytail

Box braid ponytails are created by gathering the braids into a high, mid, or low ponytail. This hairstyle is simple yet chic and can be easily customized by adding accessories or leaving out a few braids for a more relaxed look.

Box Braid Bun

Box braid buns are achieved by gathering the braids into a bun shape and securing them with hairpins or elastic bands. This hairstyle offers a polished and sophisticated look, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Box Braid Half-Up, Half-Down

Box braid half-up, half-down styles involve pulling a portion of the braids up and leaving the rest of the hair down. This versatile hairstyle combines the elegance of an updo with the free-flowing look of loose hair.

Box Braid Top Knot

Box braid top knots are created by gathering the braids into a high bun positioned at the crown of the head. This style provides a trendy and effortless look, perfect for those who want to keep their hair out of their face.

Box Braid Crown

Box braid crowns involve wrapping the braids around the head, creating a regal and halo-like effect. This hairstyle is ideal for special occasions or when you want to make a statement with your braided look.

Box Braid Mohawk

Box braid Mohawks feature a central row of braids styled into a raised strip down the middle of the head. The remaining hair on the sides is often shaved or styled into shorter braids. This edgy and bold hairstyle is perfect for those who want to showcase their individuality.

Box Braid Space Buns

Box braid space buns involve creating two buns on either side of the head using the braids. This playful and youthful style adds a fun and trendy twist to traditional box braids.

Box Braid Braided Headband

Box braid braided headbands are created by selecting a few braids from the hairline and braiding them across the forehead. This style offers a bohemian and romantic look, framing the face and adding an intricate detail.

Box Braid Braided Bangs

Box braid braided bangs involve braiding a section of the front hairline into small braids that frame the face. This style adds a unique and fashionable touch to box braids, drawing attention to the facial features.

Box Braid Side Swept

Box braid side-swept styles involve sweeping the braids to one side of the head. This asymmetrical look offers a feminine and elegant appearance, showcasing the length and texture of the braids.

Box Braid with Beads or Cuffs

Adding beads or cuffs to box braids is a popular way to accessorize the hairstyle. Beads or cuffs can be threaded onto individual braids, creating a personalized and decorative look.

Box Braid with Colored Extensions

Adding colored extensions to box braids allows for vibrant and eye-catching hairstyles. The extensions can be blended with the natural hair or used strategically to create highlights or ombré effects.

Box Braid with Accessory or Hair Jewelry

Adding accessories or hair jewelry to box braids enhances the overall look. From beads and shells to metallic cuffs and ribbons, there are endless possibilities to personalize and elevate the style.

Box Braid with Feed-In Braids

Combining box braids with feed-in braids involves adding smaller braids at the roots to create a seamless and natural-looking transition. This technique adds dimension and depth to the overall hairstyle.

Box Braid with Undercut

Box braid undercuts involves having or cutting a portion of the hair on one side or the back of the head while leaving the box braids intact. This edgy and bold style contrasts the braids with a shaved or short hair section, creating a striking and unique look.

Box Braid with Tapered Sides

Tapered sides in box braids involve gradually decreasing the length of the braids towards the sides of the head. This technique adds a stylish and modern touch to the hairstyle, emphasizing the shape of the face.

Box Braid with Zigzag Parting

Zigzag partings are created by dividing the hair into a series of diagonal or jagged lines instead of straight ones. This technique adds an interesting and playful element to box braids, creating visual texture and uniqueness.

Box Braid with Highlighted Strands

Highlighted strands in box braids involve adding colored extensions or strands to specific braids to create contrast and dimension. This style allows for creativity in choosing complementary or contrasting colors, adding a vibrant and eye-catching element to the hairstyle.

Box Braid with Curly Ends

Box braids with curly ends involve adding synthetic or natural hair extensions that have a curly or wavy texture to the ends of the braids. This technique adds movement and a touch of softness to the overall look, creating a dynamic and eye-catching hairstyle.

Box Braid with Side Part

Box braids with a side part involve parting the hair to one side instead of the center. This simple adjustment adds a subtle and elegant twist to the box braid hairstyle, framing the face and creating a balanced and flattering look.

Box Braid with Center Part

Box braids with a center part involve parting the hair down the middle. This classic and symmetrical style offers a clean and polished look, allowing the box braids to fall evenly on both sides of the head.

Box Braid with Layered Ends

Layered ends in box braids involve cutting or tapering the ends of the braids to create different lengths. This technique adds movement and texture to the hairstyle, giving a trendy and modern appearance to the box braids.

Box Braid with Twisted or Braided Front Sections

Twisted or braided front sections in box braids involve creating intricate twists or braids at the front of the head, while the remaining braids are left loose. This style adds a focal point and a unique detail to the box braids, creating a stylish and eye-catching look.

Box Braid with Pompadour

Box braids with a pompadour involve gathering the front portion of the braids and securing them at the crown of the head to create a voluminous and elevated section. This style adds height and drama to the hairstyle, making a bold and fashionable statement.

Box Braid with Side Braids

Box braids with side braids involve incorporating smaller braids or twists on one or both sides of the head, while the majority of the hair is styled into box braids. This combination adds a playful and intricate element to the hairstyle, showcasing creativity and versatility.

Each of these hairstyles offers a unique twist to the classic box braids, allowing for personal expression and customization. Whether you prefer a sleek and elegant look or a bold and edgy statement, there’s a box braid variation to suit your style and occasion.